Active Spectral Tuning

Our core belief is that data without action is useless. This led us to create Smart Spectrum, our patent pending autonomous system for the self-regulation of environmental factors that impact plant growth through our Dynamic Lighting Technology (DLT).

Leveraging our AI engine, Smart Spectrum is the world’s first intelligent horticulture lighting system that senses and responds to the biological feedback of plants, to autonomously adjust spectral ratio and intensity of LED lights to optimize the yield, morphology and phytonutrient levels of high-value crops – directly improving the quality, predictability and profitability of indoor horticulture.


With Smart Spectrum, farmers can:

  • Drive photosynthetic rates and boost yields.
  • Provide End-of-Day (EOD) treatments to induce early flowering.
  • Provide EOD, Day-Break (DB) and Night Interruption (NI) cycles to influence various plant defense mechanisms against stress of pathogen infection and contamination.
  • Provide post-harvest treatments to delay senescence and extend the shelf life of produce; and
  • Develop unique light recipes to promote custom traits and morphology in target crops.

Stress Monitoring & Disease Detection

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Inventory Management

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