Computer Vision Engineer

Job: Computer Vision Engineer

Position Type: Full-time – Permanent

Location: Bangalore, Karnataka (IN)

Key Responsibilities:

  • Working with the data science team to research, develop, evaluate and optimize various computer vision and deep learning models for different problems.
  • Explore and analyze unstructured data like images through image processing.
  • Take ownership to drive computer vision solutions and meet customer requirements.
  • Deploying developed computer vision models on edge devices after optimization to meet customer requirements and maintain them to later improve to address additional customer requirements in future.

Required Characteristics:

  • MSc or PhD in Computer Science, Data Science, Machine Learning or in related fields preferred but candidates with Bachelor’s degree in computer science are also welcome to apply provided they have a strong technical knowledge and experience in computer vision.
  • Understanding about depth and breadth of computer vision and deep learning algorithms.
  • At least 2 years of experience in computer vision and/or deep learning for object detection and tracking along with semantic or instance segmentation either in academic or industrial domain.
  • Experience with any machine/deep learning frameworks like Tensorflow, Keras and PyTorch.
  • Experience in training models through GPU computing using NVIDIA CUDA or on cloud.
  • Ability to transform research articles into the working solutions to solve real-world problems.
  • Strong experience in using both basic and advanced image processing algorithms for feature engineering.
  • Proficiency in Python and related packages like numpy, scikit-image, PIL, opencv, matplotlib, seaborn, etc.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills for effectively communicating with the team and ability to presenting information to varied technical and non-technical audience.
  • Must be able to produce solutions independently in an organized manner and also be able to work in a team when required.
  • Must have good Object-Oriented Programing & logical analysis skills in Python.

Preferred Characteristics (not mandatory to have all):

  • Strong foundation in data structures and algorithms in Python or C++
  • Advanced knowledge in performance, scalability, numerical accuracy and best practices for implementing various solutions.
  • Proficiency with edge computing principles and architecture preferably for NVIDIA Jetson devices and Raspberry Pi.
  • Experience in different model optimization techniques apart from hyperparameter tuning to reduce memory usage without hindering the performance for deploying on edge devices.
  • Proficiency with AWS or Azure cloud computing environments.
  • Exposure to IoT technology.
  • Experience in Agile Application Development and Scrum methodologies to develop efficient, maintainable, readable and production-ready pipelines.
  • Must have curiosity, eagerness and motivation to be involved in Data Science and Image Processing.

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