The first AI-powered platform for Indoor farming that monitors moment of every plant
to increase yields and reduce operational costs.

To meet the increasing global demand of 9+ Billion people by 2050, we need to increase food production by 70%. Indoor farming has emerged as the leading solution to the global food security crisis.

However, 70% of indoor farms fear being unprofitable due to expensive and hard to find high-skilled labor.

This is where we come in!


Say Hello to S.A.M

SAM is a senior plant scientist, an experienced agriculturist and dedicated farm manager rolled into a powerful
application accessible from anywhere.

A senior plant scientist dedicated entirely to your farm, 24×7

  • Your personal expert on plant health and well-being.
  • First one to raise alarm/whistle blower when something is not right
  • Facilitate decision making by providing real time data for every single inch of your farm
  • Lets you optimize your valuable resources for bringing out the best in your crop.

Equipped with years of valuable farming experience

  • The autonomous decision maker whose actions are directed by years of expertise coupled with valid scientific recommendations.
  • Perfect balance of knowledge and experience in the field of farming.
  • Your trusted advisor and go-to-expert for all farm related issues
  • Your personal blend of skills and expertise
  • Saves you valuable time and money by taking matter in its own hands.

The most reliable sidekick that does more for your farm than you can possibly image

  • Your personal Farm Genie that is always at your service.
  • Your very own AI twin/technical counterpart
  • A trusted guide, supervisor and organizer for your farm
  • Takes load off your shoulders and truly lets you grow more and worry less
AgEye Platform

The AgEye Platform

The AgEye platform includes AgEye Edge, Smart Lens, Smart Sensa and Smart Spectrum.

These intelligent devices work in sync to reduce labor dependency via continual monitoring and optimization of crop growth variables which results in more accurate and efficient operations.

A Plant Scientist in a Box

AgEye’s patent pending ‘Scientist-in-a-Box’ technology reduces dependency on labor by up to 50% via continual monitoring
and optimization of crop growth variables – resulting in more accurate and efficient operations.


1. Smart Sensa and Smart Lens
capture every moment of every plant


2. Imagery and environmental data
are analyzed onsite via
the AgEye Edge hub.


3. The AI-powered hub makes
autonomous changes to
growth factors.

Your plants are talking
AgEye is listening.

Plant Science-as-a-Service

AgEye is the equivalent of having an experienced plant scientist monitor every one of your plants 24-hours per day – making
adjustments as needed, when needed, to ensure the best possible harvest. No guessing – pure science.


AgEye Gives Plants Exactly
What They Need, When They Need It.

And this is how AgEye Helps Indoor Farmers do M.O.R.E with Less


Monitor every moment of every plant, 24X7


Optimize Growth Factors As Needed


Reduce Labor Costs By Over 50%


Enhance Operational Efficiency

We are always thinking about
sustainable farming
maximizing grower profits
artificial intelligence autonomous systems doing more with less



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