Inventory Management

Traditional inventory management is a never ending, labor intensive process that involves counting all of the plants in the greenhouse, segmenting them based on ripeness and documenting the present environmental conditions. Growers must then compare these metrics to historical data in an attempt make rough estimates of expected yield and harvest dates. Not only is this extremely labor intensive and time consuming, it’s also a process that is inherently prone to errors.

AgEYE changes this by monitoring all plants, at all times. Through an intuitive mobile app and web-based dashboard, growers can easily monitor their entire farming operation – including their total plant count, plant ages, environmental conditions, anticipated harvest dates and even see an on-demand segmentation of ripe vs non-ripe fruits and vegetables. With our Intelligent Insights, growers can also access live views of their crops as well as perform post-harvest analysis of their growth cycles.




Stress Monitoring & Disease Detection

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Active Spectral

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