Truly Intelligent Farming

A Holistic Approach to Farm Automation

The AgEye platform starts with a holistic view of your entire farming operation. Cameras and sensors are deployed to create a private, secure, and fully decentralized network of synchronized communication and processing of your crop data. All of this information is processed on-site, inside our Edge Hub – enabling real-time autonomous modifications to critical growth factors – including active spectral tuning of LED grow lights.

Our system of AI-powered hardware and software has been engineered from the ground up to seamlessly work together in the perfect blend of human and machine intelligence. No guessing – pure science.


Smart Sensa

Continual, accurate and non-invasive monitoring of thousands of critical data points, including temperature, humidity, CO2, airflow, light quality and quantity (SPD & PPFD) – all at the canopy level.


Smart Lens

Capture every action, of every plant throughout your farm using AI-powered cameras that create a powerful neural network that generate continuous real-time actionable insights; including canopy area, leaf area index (LAI), fresh weight, dry weight, absolute & relative growth rate and detection of plant stress before it’s visible to the naked eye.

Smart Spectrum

Our Dynamic Lighting Technology converts traditional LED grow lights into AI-powered lighting that can autonomously modify spectral output based on the changing needs throughout the plant’s lifecycle – resulting in reliable and recreatable light recipes that maximize plant output and development, while also minimizing overall energy usage.


AgEye Edge Hub

AgEye’s industry leading AI engine has been trained on millions of crop data points, plant images and environmental parameters to truly understand what optimal growth conditions are for high value crops. The entire platform is designed to be deployed directly at the edge, onsite within your farm – not through the cloud. This farm-specific approach enables AgEye to use both trained and newly collected data points to constantly optimize growing conditions for each plant type. This is truly precision farming.

We are always thinking about
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Profitable growers
Artificial Intelligence



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