AgEye develops AI-powered technologies

that help indoor farms produce consistent, highly optimized yields with increased sustainability and scalability through significant reductions in operational costs.


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The Leading Accelerator for AI Startups


6 Startup Redefining the
Fresh Food Supply Chain


Top 5 Artificial Intelligence
Startups Impacting Agriculture


2020 Indoor Farming
Company of the Year

ageye breakthrough award 2021

2021 Overall Sensor
Solution of the Year


The AGEYE Platform

AGEYE is an automation platform for vertical farms and greenhouses that monitors every plant 24/7, 365 – and uses state-of-the-art artificial intelligence to turn these visual inputs into growth development insights and autonomous actions, improving harvest predictability and profitability.

Consistently Replicated at Scale
Every Plant Recipe.
Every Operational SOP.
Every Taste and Aroma Profile.

Truly Intelligent Farming®

AGEYE has pioneered the use of computer machine vision and deep learning neural networks to create the next generation of autonomous indoor farms. We analyze thousands of data points across hundreds of metrics – to create per-plant visibility – for every plant. For every cycle. That’s truly intelligent farming. That’s AGEYE.

Your plants are talking.
AgEye is listening.

Plant Science-as-a-Service

AGEYE is the equivalent of having an experienced plant scientist monitor every one of your plants 24-hours per day – making
adjustments as needed, when needed, to ensure the best possible harvest. No guessing – pure science.


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Artificial Intelligence is at our Core

AGEYE has pioneered the use of computer vision and deep learning algorithms to create the next generation of intelligent
agriculture solutions. Our horticulture specific artificial intelligence can be deployed directly to an existing network of
Internet of Things connected devices within indoor farms – and is capable of running 100% offline, with no network or cloud
dependencies. We’re the first to offer Plant Scientist-as-a-Service through a turnkey platform that is affordable and easy to use.

AgEye Gives Plants Exactly
What They Need, When They Need It.

AGEYE Helps Indoor Farmers do M.O.R.E with Less


Monitor every moment of every plant, 24X7


Optimize Growth Factors As Needed


Reduce Labor Costs By Over 50%


Enhance Operational Efficiency

We are always thinking about
sustainable farming
maximizing grower profits
artificial intelligence autonomous farms doing more with less



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