An indoor farm management platform that brings together all data and operational controls into one easy-to-use interface.

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What do we do?

Comprehensive Farm Management and
Resource Planning for CEA Operations

Our AI-powered farm management platform provides growers with an all-encompassing toolkit for managing their entire farming operation. It covers everything from planting schedules and crop performance metrics to energy consumption and resource distribution, ensuring improved visibility and optimized cost efficiency. This lays the groundwork for undeniable profitability. By consolidating complete farm management, advanced crop intelligence, and precise operational control into a single dashboard, our platform ensures peak performance, representing the cutting edge of intelligent farm management software.

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Centralized Dashboard

Digital Cultivation is a centralized dashboard that gathers all data into a user-friendly platform, digitizing the entire farming process for a comprehensive operational overview. This centralization enables data-driven decisions, streamlines efficiency, and increases productivity. Stay updated with instant alerts and notifications.

Alerts and Notifications

Stay ahead of potential problems with our advanced alerts and notifications system. Receive immediate updates on crucial issues, from leak detection in your irrigation system to deviations in environmental conditions like temperature and humidity. Our platform ensures you’re always the first to know when attention is needed, allowing for swift action to prevent damage to your crops.


Efficient Crop Planning and Scheduling

With our platform’s advanced algorithms, tailor your farming activities to match crop cycles perfectly, enabling precise planning and scheduling. This ensures that planting, nurturing, and harvesting are carried out at the optimal times. This strategic planning aligns with market demand, ensuring your produce is ready at the right moment.

AI Optimized Crop Schedules

Our platform uses AI to analyze vast amounts of data, from environment conditions to plant growth rates, predicting the best planting schedules for maximum yield. This intelligent system adjusts in real-time to changes in environmental factors or crop performance, providing dynamic scheduling that adapts to your farm’s unique conditions. By optimizing crop schedules, you reduce waste, enhance productivity, and significantly increase your farming operation’s overall efficiency.

Inventory and Supply Chain Management

Manage your resources effortlessly. Track seeds, nutrients, and other supplies with precision. Plan your harvests and distribution effectively to meet demand and reduce waste.

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Data Analysis and Reporting

Gain valuable insights into yield forecasts, monitor resource consumption, and assess operational efficiency to fine-tune your farming strategies. By comparing historical growth cycles and establishing performance benchmarks, our comprehensive reports guide you in refining practices to boost your farm’s output and profitability.

Energy Management

Optimize your energy use. Integrate sustainable energy solutions and monitor consumption to reduce costs and environmental impact. Our energy management tools help you run a more efficient and green operation.

Comprehensive System Control

Our software places full control of your indoor farm’s systems and operational activities at your fingertips. With just a few clicks, manage every aspect of your environment – from lighting and pumps to airflow – ensuring each element operates at peak efficiency. The platform empowers you with the ability to streamline and oversee key farming tasks such as scouting, planting, and harvesting. This holistic approach to farm management simplifies complex processes, allowing you to adjust conditions in real-time and automate routine operations for unparalleled productivity and results. By integrating control over both hardware systems and farming activities, our software delivers a seamless, efficient farming experience that saves time and enhances yield.

Unmatched Integration

Designed with unlimited integration capabilities that enable seamless connections with a wide range of other systems through API integration and ensuring data interoperability. This flexibility enables farms to easily share, analyze, and manage data across different vendor technologies and platforms, enhancing operational efficiency and decision-making processes.

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Food Safety and Automated Record Keeping

It’s never been easier to adhere to the FDA’s Produce Safety Rules by enhancing traceability and record-keeping, crucial for managing safety incidents. Digital Cultivation automates compliance with water and soil quality standards, ensuring environmental factors meet FDA guidelines. Additionally, our platform facilitates the implementation of worker health and hygiene practices, directly contributing to the prevention of contamination and the spread of foodborne illnesses. This comprehensive approach supports farms in upholding stringent food safety standards, promoting a safer produce supply chain.

Transparent Food Traceability All the Way to the Customer

In addition to offering comprehensive control and oversight of plant growth on our farms, we extend this transparency to our customers who purchase our farm-fresh produce. Through a simple QR code scan on the packaging, users can access a summary of how each batch of produce was cultivated without human touch. This commitment to transparency ensures that consumers have a clear understanding of the quality and safety of their food.

Grow More.
Worry Less.

Digital Cultivation’s flexibility allows indoor growers with unique farm configurations to personalize the platform to suit their individual requirements, enhancing efficiency and increasing productivity throughout their operations.

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Hydroponic Year Round
Vertical Ecosystem (HYVE)



Supercharged Crop Intelligence



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Our indoor farming platform helps indoor growers produce more crops, with higher yields, and at a lower operating cost, thereby increasing the availability of locally sourced food.

AGEYE enables digitization of indoor farms

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