Backed by Scientists. Built by Technologists.

We’re on a mission to help farmers to grow more and worry less.

AGEYE Technologies is pioneering the use of computer machine vision, deep learning neural networks and IoT-connected devices to create the next generation of autonomous indoor farms. Comprised of a talented team of agriculturists and technologists who have a shared passion for digital horticulture, artificial intelligence and creating a sustainable food supply for the growing global population. The company’s mission is to develop technology that helps indoor farms become sustainable and scalable through significant reductions in operational costs. Founded in 2018, AGEYE has offices in Raleigh, North Carolina (USA) and Bangalore, Karnataka (India).

Our Culture

We’re a passionate and diverse group of some of the best and brightest minds who have come together with the shared
goal of transforming indoor farming. We’re naturally curious and inherently motivated to find ways of applying novel technology to
agriculture – one of the world’s oldest industries. We’re bold in our approach, confident in our abilities and always eager to show off
what we’re working on.


Interested in joining our team? Are you ready to use the latest technologies to make a global impact and have fun while doing it? Do you excel in a fast-paced, challenging environment? If so, then we should talk!


AGEYE is proud to be a member of the
NVIDIA Inception Accelerator; a program for
cutting-edge AI startups who are
revolutionizing industries.


We are always thinking about
sustainable farming
maximizing grower profits
artificial intelligence autonomous farms doing more with less



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