Automated Data Collection and AI Analysis

AGEYE’s AI-powered platform transforms commercial indoor grow operations from clipboards and best guesses – into a highly efficient and controlled manufacturing process that ensures consistent harvests and minimal losses.

The AGEYE Platform

AGEYE is an automation platform for vertical farms and greenhouses that monitors every plant 24/7, 365 – and uses state-of-the-art artificial intelligence to turn these visual inputs into growth development insights and autonomous actions, improving harvest predictability and profitability.

Ageye platform flow

Truly Intelligent Farming


Cycle Uniformity

The amount of variation on a plant-to-plant basis within the same crop.

Growth Rate

The biomass gained by the plant in the last 24 hours.

Growth Index

Quickly understand how your crop is doing against previous cycles and benchmarks.

Yield Forecast

The forecasted yield at harvest based on how the plants are actually developing.

Leaf Temperature
Surface Varience

The difference between leaf temperature and surrounding temperature as an early indicator of plant stress.

Variability of

The variation there is within a crop growing space specific to various environmental parameters.

Unprecendented Realtime Visibility Combined With AI
Controls To Optimize Entire Grow Operations

Ageye Digital Cultivation App

Plant Scientist
at your Fingertips

Digital cultivation captures every action, of every plant throughout your farm using AI-powered cameras that create a powerful neural network that generate continuous real-time actionable insights.

We are always thinking about
sustainable farming
maximizing grower profits
artificial intelligence autonomous farms doing more with less



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